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Earth Day!

It’s Earth Day! On Earth day you help the earth stay healthy. Even though we do this every day,  this day is just for helping the Earth. We need to help the Earth because there is a dump in the ocean that is bigger than Texas. That is just one example.  That’s why we need to keep our Earth healthy.

This is one way you can help. You can pick up trash.

How can you help the Earth?

Do you have more facts about the Earth?


  1. Picking up trash is such a great idea pancake wizard. If everyone helped out our Earth would be a better place.

    I like helping out the Earth by using reusable water bottles. We don’t use plastic water bottles in the house or on the go. Using reusable bottles helps reduce the amount of plastic in our landfills.

    There are many volunteer organizations that spend their time cleaning up trash at public places.

    Have you ever seen someone picking up trash at the beach?

  2. Happy Earth Day! I did not know that about the dump in the ocean. What a well written, interesting post.

  3. Dear Pancake wizard,

    When I was 7 or 8, my dad said that the dump in the ocean is about three times the size of Texas. Recently, I picked up five water bottles by a house they are building in the Highlands so the water bottles didn’t go to the ocean.

    Please go visit my blog.

    Your blogging buddy,

  4. Dear Pankace Wizard,

    I echo what Laura E said. It would be a better place if everybody picked up trash. What I would do to help the world is if someone left there trash I wouldn’t tell them to pick it up instead I would pick it up myself.

    Cute Coyote

  5. @ Pancake Wizard,

    Hi I really like the post! The video was really smart and I want to tell you how I help on Earth Day. I help by taking a 2-minute shower. I think that helps a lot. Also I don’t just leave the napkin on the table after I eat I throw it away. On hot days I do a water balloon game with my brother where we toss a water balloon at a target after I clean up the popped balloon. Your blog is amazing!

    Your blogging classmate,

    Lucky Ducky

    • Hi Pancake Wizard, My name is Winnie, and I am 11 and am also in the blogging challenge! I live in New Zealand Oamaru! I really like your blog. and I agree, picking up trash is a good way to help the environment. Is that you in the video? I hope you are fine.
      Yours sincerely,

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